Sunday, February 14, 2010

verdict... (Crostata Part 2)

(Dec. 23, 2009)

for the pie...

I would have enjoyed a sharper cheese... another person we had over to try would have liked a cream cheese instead... what I found is that the cheese becomes indistinguishable from the crust (though you can see it and it looks really cool), but I'd rather enjoy more apple and if any cheese, only to have it on the top. The triple crust + cheese is a lot. Also, I think the desired effect of the crust would be more evident if it were baked first, but with that type of pastry, it would have to be an open pie rather than a closed.

So, all in all, it tasted well enough but it could have been better.
I would not serve that at a feast.

NOTE: Ryan seems to quite enjoy the pie so him and Shannon (who just likes it) have been snarfing it back like there is no tomorrow... goes to show how how tasting can be quite subjective!

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