Jane Parker, her Booke, 1651

These are culinary recipes from MS3769 attributed to a Jane Parker held in the welcome historical medical library (transcription by A.J.PK.)

thus far this is incomplete and there are still some words I'm trying to decipher but I'll be sure to update as I get more completed
--questions marks are left where I was unsure of the word or letters
--presently they are not all in order as found in the manuscript
--some typing errors may be present, I'll try to correct as I see them however it may be difficult while attempting to keep the original spelling.

Mrs Jane Parker
her Booke

To Make a Sacke Posset without milk or bread
take a quart of Ale and a pint of Sacke, a pound of sugar mingle them together and set them on a chafindishe of coals cover it and let it boyle and when it boyls put in 20 eggs whits and all but they must be beaton till theyhave thine and then stand upon a stoole and hold your hands high pouring them into ye Licor while it is on ye fire boyling leasurly stirring it all ye while you pour in ye eggs then let it stand on the fire after ye eggs are in but it must be kept stirred that it curd upt; a little while will doe it if it stand long it will be tough, strew sinamon and sugar mingled together.

To make a cake
take a peck of flower 4 pound corrance and 4 nutmuggs, and ounce of ginger, a quarter of an ounce of sinamon, cloves and mace, a quarter of an ounce of each, 12 eggs, a pound of suger, an an Ale quart of yeste, put it into warm posset drinke, take a quart of of creame let it boyle up and when it is halfe cold turne it with Sack. break ye curde with ye posset drinke yt ye curd way mingle with ye drinke, and put 3 pound of boter into it, Let it stand a litell to rise with ye yeste before you put in ye botur, put 6 or 7 spoonfulls of rosewater into ye posset drink, it must not be scalding hot and so knead it together, wake it very Limber?, Let it lye but halfe and hour before you put it into ye oven, it must be very hott ye oven and Let it stand but an hour and halfe.

To make a curd pudding
Take wild curds and eggs and a little flower and season it with sugor and nutmugg, then tye it in a cloath and boyle it with beefe(?), when it is boyled take rose water and suger and boter and varges(?) for Ye Sauce

to make a white broth with a capon
take a marrow bone and Cleave it long ways and take out ye marrow and lay it in water, then boyle ye bones and a capon together, then take a pint of white wine or a pinte of Sacke and a quart of yt Lickor and ye marrow, Large mace sinnamon and quarters of nutmeg and boyle them in a pipken together, then take ye yokes of 14 eggs beaten and strayne them, and put them into ye piyken but take out ye marrow first stir it till it boyl a pace(?) then put in ye marrow againe with dates and suger then let it boyle till it is reasonable thicke then ley ye capon in the dish and pour on ye broth and garnish ye dish with prunes and corants boyled if you please or without, but lay ye marrow dates and peres? on ye tope with sweet meats, put a little yolk in ye boyling of ye capon.

To make litell pasties of pipins
Shred pipines very small, then put to those twice as much marrow chope it a litell but to small, then put to it a litell sinamon rose water suger and a few corrance, and make them up in litell pasties and frie them with boter.

To make pasties of pipins another way
Slice apples thin, and boyle them in water and suger with a sticke of sinamon, and when they are enough, put in a litell sode water and a litell boter if you please and a gtaine of muske a litell ambergreece, when it is cold make it up in litell pasties with puff past frie them with boter and scrape on sugar.

A pie of rosted capon
Your capon being rosted and cold skine and shred it small, with marrow and hard eggs, and season it with rosewater nutmuge(?) veriuce and suger and a litell salte, some corrance and quartered dates, some put large mace and whole sinamon and bake it in ye same (?) a pullutt or a rabbett which will eate as well as a capon.

To bake egg pies (noted as being "very good")
Take a dozen of ("hard" is crossed out) eggs boyled hard, chope them small, a pound of suett shred small, season it with (something is crossed out) sugar ("rosewater" is crossed out) verjuice and sake corrance nutmug sinamon genger cloves and mace and to bake it in a pie together.

To make a pottato pie
boyle your pottatos allmost tender, then peele them and lay them in your past, with chestnuts or (scerits? -possibly skirrets) boyled tender, ye yoks of hard eggs, dates and marrow season them with a little beaton sinamon and suger, lay large mace on ye tope of them put some slices of boter in the botom of ye pie and on Ye tope of it, and when it is bakes licore it with white wine, rosewater boter and suger, let it in ye oven againe for a while, in Ye same manner you may bake carrots or parsnepps, it will requite but litell baking.

To stew pipins
When your pippines are paired cutt in halfes and coared, put them into a stewing pan or dish, sticke a clove on Ye tope of every on of them put to them sticks of sinamon slices genger and suger and oring pills cutt in litell pices long and thing but first boule them in 3 or 4 wa(??)s to take away Ye bitternes, then put Ye oring pills to them and stow them on a loft (?), when they are enough put them forth into a dish and youre Ye si(?) Syice(?) and oring pills on Ye tope of them, then beat rosewater, suger and boter together and youre it on them, and cast on sugar and sinamon mingled together.

to bake a Lams head and pork(?) in a pie to eat Like the umbles of a deer
take a Lambs head and pork(?) and parboyle it a litell and then chop it small as you doe for minst pies with a pond of beefe suet, a pound corrance a few sweet herbs season it with peper and salt and so bake it where it coms out of ye oven you may put a litell sack with a litell suger and a litell boter and warme it and put it in to the pie.

to make cheesecakes
Take ye strokings of your cowes as soon as they are milked, put in dish of cold water to coole it then put in your runett and cover it close, when it is come whey it cleane and grind your curds in a boule, then set some creame over ye fire and stire in a little flower, and when it is scalding hott take it of and season it with rose water nutmuge suger and a litell salte, and stire in a peice of boter and so mingle it with your curds, put in some corrance, fill your coffins with bran so bake them, when they are enough turne ye bran out of them, fill them with ye curde and set them into ye oven againe for a litell while, till they are collered, some put in eggs others say they eat? with ye eggs, and hard be serve your crust stay not for ye oven, for yt will make it tough, you may put in ambergreace and musk if you please and if you please you may put in caraway seed in stead of corrance.

another way to make a cake
take helfe a pecke of flower and to it a ponde and halfe of boter, and rubb it into the flower dry, then put to it a pinte of Ale yest, 3 nutmegs, helfe an ounce of sinamon, a quarter of an ounce of mace, halfe a pint of rose water, an graine and helfe of muske, then take a pinte of creame and when it boyles Let it coole a litell then put in the yokes of 6 eggs beaten then take halfe a pinte of sacke and put it into a bason and set it on a chafing dish of coals, and put to it the whites of your eggs well beaten, and three quarters of a ponde of suger, and when it is hott put in your creame and let it turne a litell as you do for a possett, doe not mingle your cake tell a quarter of an houer befor the oven be hott, and when it is mingled put in 4 pounde of curance well washed and dryed, then let it stand and rise before the fire a litell but make not the dough to stife for fear of makeing it heavy, and so make it up into a cake and hour and a halfe will bake it.

To make a custard
Take a quart of creame, strayne 8 eggs into a dish beat them well, grate a nutmugg and put to them, then put in Ye creame and a litell salte and allmost a ponde of suger, bake Ye crust a litell first, and then fill it in Ye oven Let not Ye oven be to hott.

To make a tarte of boter and eggs
Take a ponde of good sweet boter melte it, then take a quarter of a hundred of eggs, beat them very well then put them into Ye buter it being but warme and so beat them well toether, then draine them through a fine strayner, season it with halfe a pound of suger or somewhat more, a litell salt, then let your coffin of past into Ye oven and when it is fry, fill it in Ye oven, take heed you doe not over bake it not heat your oven to hott a little time will bake it strew suger on it and so serve it.

to make an artichoke pie
take artichoks and boyle them till they be tender then take away all Ye leavs and ye choke from them then yake ye bottoms and season them with sinamon and a litell genger, and suger and sprinkell a litell viniger on them, then put them into ye pie with boter under them and on ye tope, and marrow and dates? if you like not this seasoning you may season it with peper and salte, ye artichokes must be cold before you put them into your pie.

to make a calves head pie
take calves or sheeps heads and parboyle them a litell and when they be cold Lay them in your past, and take sheeps sewet and beat it very well with a rolling pin and lay it in with some boter in ye botome and on ye top of your pie, season it with peper salt and larg mace, lay in some bay leaves with your meale and when it is baked, take white wine or sacke boter and rose water melte it together and put it into your pie and let it in to ye oven againe a litell while and so serve it, you maye make this pie in the fashion of a red dear pie, if you please to eate cold.

an other way to make a posset
Tale a pint of Ale and halfe a pinte of Sacke a nutmugg grated, 3 quarters of a pound of suger put it into a bason to set it on a chafing dish of coals and let it stand till it is very hott, and ye sugar well melted, then take raw milke, a bout ye quantity of 3 pints, NS ye crume of a manchet grated, put ye bread so grated into ye milk, beat 6 eggs, take but halfe ye whits after ye milke and breade hath boyled a while put inyour eggs let them boyle a litell againe then take it of ye fire and let it coole a while before you put it into ye drinke and when you put it into ye drinke stire it a litle ye milk and drinke together then cover it and let it stande a while upon ye coals but be sure it boyle not then strew a litell beaten sinamon and suger together upon ye tope, and so serve it, be carfull when you mingle your milke and that ye milk be ? coole and ye drinke very hott it will make it tender and curde to ye botome.

to make a florantine of Almonde past
take hald a pound of Almond past to a quart of creame and ye whites of 8 eggs boyle ye creame and when it is boyled, beat your eggs and past then into ye creame, turne it all to a curde then whey it and put to it ye same of weight of Almond past stir it together turn it with ye juce of ("shingg"?) very green season it with suger and bake it in a florintine of puff past ya almong past is to be hard at ye apothicarys.

to make puffe past (noted as being "very fine")
take a quart of flower, and beat an eff white and yoke together, put it to ye flower and make up ye past with cold water prety stiffe, and then beat it with a roulling pin till it become prity limber, then roule it out and take a pound of boter and spread it on ye past strew flower above ye boter and ye past when you spread it with ye boter you must break ye boter in peces and at 3 or 4 times spreding ye boter wille all worked into ye past but you must dubbell ye past after you have spred on ye boter and strew on ye flower and roule it out every time you (?)

To make peascods with veale
mince your veale fine, and put to it ye yoks of 3 eggs, suger and a few corance, minced dats, sinamon, and genger mingle it well together and put them into some fine past mayd up likepeascods, and frye them with boter.

to make a goosebery custarde
take gooseberys scalde them very tender, then breake them very well with a spone, strayne them through a cours cloath to a quart of it take 5 or 6 eggs whits and yolks, first set it upon a chafing sidh of coals then stire in ye eggs very well, add therto half a pint of thicke creame, a litell pece of fresh boter, a litell rose water and suger as much as will sweeten it, Let it boyle a litell allways stiring it when it is enough put it forth into another dish with sippets strew a litell suger on it and sinamon with it if you please, you may make ye same dish with codlings as well as goosbetys, you may make goosebery creame of codling creame thus, only leave out ye boter and cinamon.

another way to make a cake
take on pecke of flower, 2 pond of boter, halfe a pond of suger, 3 pond of corrance, ye yolks of 11 or 12 eggs, muskadine and rose water of each half a pint, dates and muske com? of each an ounce, halfe an ounce of nutmuggs, sinamon, clove and mace and caraway seeds yt like, on pint of new ale yest.

to make calves foot pie
take 4 or 5 calves feete shred them small then take a ponde of corrance, halfe a ponde of suger a few sliced dats, a pounde of boter, a litell rose water and the marrow of an marrow bone and so bake it.

to make neats tongues pies minced
take 2 neats tongus and halfe boyle them, when they be cold pare them and mince them very small take 6 ponde of beefs suett and mince it by it selfe then pat them together and chop them, then put to them to season them 2 nutmuggs grated, 2 pond of corrance on pond of reasons of ye ("son"?)(something smudged out) half a quarter of a poude of suger, a litell rose water an appell or to minced small (something scribbled out) and a litell oring or lemond pill beaten to powder, and so fill your pies with this being well mingled together and so bake them.

to make bottered loafs
take a quart of fine flower, 2 sponfulls of yest that is new, a quarter of a pond of boter, breake ye boter into ye flower till you cannot see it, grate a nutmugg into it and make it up with new milke and let it lye a while to rise, put in a litell suger when you put ye rest of things into ye flower, and make it up into 8 Loaves, and bake them in a baking pan. when they are enough, cut of ye tops, put in boter rosewater and suer as much as you can get into them, put on ye topes againe and so serve them in.

to make layd tartes

to make ye blacke tarte
take a pond of prunes, and a pond of malligo reasons, 6 ("pomwatrs"?) pared and sliced, put them into a killet and fill it with water, boyle it on a softe fire cover it and stire it often for fear of burning, when it is boyled to mash rub your puple through a strayner and when it is strayned set it on coals, put in suger and rose water a litell and make it hott with genger stire it well together and when your tart is raised up with an edge harden it in ye oven and when it is hardened enough take it out and fill it soe.

to make the white tarte layde
take halfe a pinte of creame, 4 or 5 whites of eggs take out ye tredells, and beate them very well with a litell cold creame, and when your creame boyles take it of ye fire, and put in ye eggs stire them together and put it on a quicke fire and boyle it thicke a;; way stiring it then put it forth and stire it till it is cold and so fill your tart as before season it with suger and rose water.

to make a yellow tarte
you much put ye yolks of ye eggs into ye creame and not ye white, and season it with suger and sode water a litell ginger it you please and boyle it as befor in ye other.

to make the red tart layde
take hipps of sweet bryer and put out the seeds and boyle them with a litell water when they are very tender strayne them or rub them through a strayner and set them on coals and sweeten with suger and so fill your tart after ye crust is baked.

to make a tarte of curdes
take tender curds and stampe them in a morter with 10 yolks of eggs, put a dish of boter to them, strayne these and put a good deal of suger to them and a litell saffron, raise your tarte and fill it with ye curde bake it half a quarter of an hour then take it forth and put boter on it with a fether and cast suger on it and so serve it.

to make chicking pie
take small chickings and season them peper and salte but to bott of ye peper, a litell sinamon beaton, large mace and dates and marrow, quarter ye dates and lay your mace dates and ("marrow with" is crossed out) suger and grapes or goosberys on ye tope of ye chickings and lay ye boter some on ye top and some in ye botom of ye pies, you may pit in reasons or corrance if you please and when ye pie is baked, put in a caudle mayd of white wine a litell muton broth and a litell suger and stew ye marrow in thi licor and when it is enough take it out for fear of breaking, then put in ye yolks of 2 or 3 eggs well beaton and make a cadle of it, and when ye pie is baked lay in ye marrow as whole as you can and put in ye caudle, and strew suger on ye tope.

you may make a calves foot pie thus only take out ye bons and cutt them and leave out ye berys and make a caudle as forsayd

to make a muton pasty to eat like venison
take a large brest of moton or a shoulder, bone it then break it with a rouling pin an hour then take a poringer full of claret wine and halfe as much beefe blood and poure it on ye muton. So let it lye to days to soke, then season it with peper and salte very well and make it up in a pasty put a pound of boter into ye crust and 4 or 5 pound in ye pie, and so bake it, it will aske? 4 or 5 hours baking.

to make a Porke pasty
take a halfe pecke of flower 3 or 4 pound of boter, 3 or 4 eggs, a litell salte mix altogether and rub it till you cannot deserne the bater from ye flower then knead it up with a litell water roule it out and spread some suet on it shred, then take a Legg of porke and take of the skine cut it like venison and season it with gener and salte cloves and mace and sticke on ye tope of it whole cloves and make it up, and when it gos into ye oven pour in near a quart of water and so bake it.

another way to make a goodbery custard
take gooseberys spicke them and boyl them in as mch water as will cover them with a good quantity of cutt ginger when they are boyled to make thick, then take them of ye fire and put in ye yoks of 6 eggs beaten with rosewater. with as much suger as will sweeten them, then set them on ye fire againe and keepe them stiring till they ("simper"?) a litell then pour them out into a dish with sippits while it is hott and so serve it.

to make ye crust for ye cheese cake
take a quantity of water boyle it and let it stand till it is cold, then take a quantity of flower 3 quarters of a pound of boter worke in ye boter cold then make your past with ye water which you boyled as stife as you can.

to make a tart of strabery
picke your straberys and fill ye tart, let it but shallow, put to them suger sinamon and a litell ginger and a litell red wine, mingle it together and cast it on ye straberys, cover it with a cover cur in lozinges on ye tope, and bake it a quarter of an hour, and when you take it out cast a litell suger on it and so serve it, you may put some beaten sinamon with ye suger which you put on it after it is baked if you please.

to make a tart of Spinage
take 2 or 3 handfulls of spinage pickt from ye stalks boyle it and drayne ye water from it in a strayner, then shope it with ye backe of a knife, beat ye yolks of 8 or 10 eggs put it to ye spinage, and strayne them together, season it with sinamon and giner and fill ye tarte but first fry ye coffin in ye oven beofre you fill your tarte and fill it in ye oven bake it a litell and strew on suger and so serve it.

to make a tarte of rice
first boyle ye rice then pour it into a cullinder season it with sinamon suger nutmugg peper and ginger put to it ye yolks of 3 or 4 eggs ye juce of an oring fill ye tart close it and bake it then scrape on suger and so serve it.

to make a tart of hippes
cut ye hipes take out all ye seeds, then wash them and season them with sinamon ginger and sufer, close it, bake it and strew on suger

to bake a carp
Scald and draw it, and season it with cloves and mace and salte, then put small reasons and prunes about ye carpe and boter, Let it bake 2 hours.

to bake woodcoks
parboyle and trus them round with ye feet and all, and put them into ye pie, lay lard sliced thine a bout ye woodcocks, and season them with peper and salte, put in a good deal of boter and bake them an hour and half.

to make a bakes puding after the Italian maner
pare of ye crust of a manchet, cut it in square pecis like dice, put to it halfe a pond of beefe suet minced smale, reasons of ye (?) stoned, some minced dates, a litell cloves and mace, and some suger and some marrow, rosewater and eggs and some creame mingle them together and put it into a dish, an hour will bake it.

To bake a white pott
Take a potell of creame boyle it then slice a manchet thine into it and let it scalde then beat 6 eggs with 3 spoonfulls of rose water, then breake ye breade in ye creame as small as may be, and then put in ye eggs with a litell suger, sliced dates, large mace and a few corrance and so bake it.

to make fine cakes
take a pound of suger halfe a pound of almonds blanched and beated small and in ye beating put in now and then a sponfull to to of rosewater for fear they turn to oyle, then strayne them with rose water and take as much flower as suger, a pound of fresh boter, sinamon ginger and nutmugg at your descresion to make them up into cakes and bake them a litell.

to make Almond breade
blanch a pounde of almonds beat them very fine in a stone morter, puting rosewater now and then to keepe them from oyling, then take a pound of fine beaten suger, a handfull of grated bread seerced, put it into a dish with ye beaten almons, stire them well together, and set them on a chafing dish of coales, and let it boyle till it be as stife as past, stirring them, then roule them out as thin as you can, and set them in some place where ye ("aire"?) ye fire may come to them, if you will have them red, you must take an ounce of sinamon and an ounce of ginger and beat them very fine, and mould your past in it, when you have rouled ye cakes thin you must print them.

to make a made dish of sweet breads
boyle or rost your sweetbreads, mince them and put into it a few parboyled corrance, a minced date, ye yolks of 3 eggs, a litell grated bread, season it with a litell peper salt, butmugg and suger, wring in ye juce of an oring or lemond and put it between 2 sheets of puff past or any other good past and rather bake it or frye it whether you please.

To make a made dish of cockels or muskels
parboyle them and take out ye meat wash them cleane in ye water they were boyled in and a litell white wine, mince them small put to them ye yoks of 2 or 3 eggs, season them with peper salt and a litell nutmugg, put in ye juice of an oring, put it between 2 sheets of puff past, when it is baked ice it, you may also fry it if you please made in pasties.

To make a haggis puding
Seeth a calves chaldred, when it is cold, shop it small with sheeps suet, parsley, time, margeron, villet leaves, ("peniriall"?), of each a handful and shop them altogether small then put in creame grated bread eggs corrance cloves and mase suger and pepper and rose water and dates and so mingle them togehter and put it in a cloth and boyle it.

To make good minces pies
Take a legg of muton or a legg of veal, put to it 4 po(u)nd of suet, parboyle ye meat and mince it small with ye suet after it is cold, put to it 6 pipens shred small, 3 small nutmuggs, 2 ("ounces"?) of genger, sinamon a small quantity, of peper (?), mace on sponfull, a few cloves, oring pells or Lemons beaten to small powder a good spoonfull, halfe a pinte of rosewater, 6 sponfulls of white wine-vinegar, 3 sponfulls of caraway seed beaten, 2 pound and half of reasons of (the) (?), 2 pound and a halfe of corrance, a quarter of a pond of suger, 6 dates minces, a good handfull of marrow, mingle all these together and then fill your pies.

To make hodge podge
take ye thin part of ye brisket of beefe cut it in square peces ye breadth of an hande put it into a pott with water and a good deale of parsley and a litell time, winter savory, a good many of oynions slices, turnips, parsnips, carrots, pared and put in whole, let them a boyling bedtimes in ye morning, boyle them till ye meate and roots be all to peices, and in ye boyling put in a litell peper and salte, then serve it on sippits.

To make cheesecakes ("my" crossed out) Lady Manchester way
take 4 or 5 quarts of milke and make curds of it with a little runing then prese them about for hours but not hard, then grate a peny loafe boule halfe of it in a pint of creame till it be as thicke as a hasty puding then let it cool in a dish, grate an nutmuge as much sinamon then take a pounde of currance picke and wash them and fry them in a cloath breake the curde very well and small then temper it with the rest of your things adding a point of Creame to the rest of the breade, ten yolkes of eggs and three quarters of a pounde of suger temper all very small and so put it into crust and bake them.

to make a Lumber pie
Shred some veale or Lambe small and season it with a litell peper and salte mingle it with eggs and make it up as litel round bolles, then make a puding stuffe with creame eggs and grated bread a few corrance, and season it with nutmug and suger and fill ye bellies of Lambs with it and so bake it into a pie, with chesfutes dates marrow ye yolkes of hard eggs large mace and sweet boter, Laying some in ye botom and some on ye tope, and when it is baked pour into it white wine boter and suger melted and stired together and set it into ye oven againe a litle while.

to make litell pasties
Shred ye Kidney of Lamb or veale fatt (adj.) and all very smalle and put it into a dish on a chafing dish of coals and stire in ye yolks of 2 or 3 eggs and a few corrance and season it with a litell sinamon nutmug rose water and suger and a litell salt, then (?) them in puffe past, in litell pastyes.

to make a quince pie
take your quinces after they are pared and cored and put them in a pot and put a pint of water, halfe a pond of suger with cloves and sinamon, pst ye pot close, bake them with household bread and when they are cold put ye quinces and Licor into your pie, with some more suger and spice and so bake it you may stew them this way in a skillet, but wardons don this way an (smudged)

to bake a pasty of a brest of veale in ye French fashion
take a brest of veale joynt it well and breake ye bones, then boyle it a litell, season it with peper salt and nutmugg, then bake sweet herbs shred them fine 3 or 4 eggs a few boyled corrance, so beat them well together, then spread it over ye brest of veale, and put it into a pasty with good store of boter, and when it is baked enough, pour into it a litell verjuce with a litell nutmugg and suger, and so serve it.
to bake Eeles pie
after they are (floard?) cut them about ye lenth of your finger, season them with peper salte and ginger, put them into ye pie with a good deed of botor, some reasons of ye (son?), and an inyon minst smale close it and so bake it.

to make taffity tartes
take English pipens par core and cut them in peces into water boyle them in as much tater as will cover them with a good quantity of suger and a litell sinamon, boyle them to a past, when it is enough take a litell ("Skuchingeale"? - as in scutching, unsure of the rest) and bray it with suger and Ambergreece, and lay it soaking in rose water till it be disolved then put to it a litell more rose water and put it into ye pipens that is boyled being taken of ye fire mix them well together, and put it in ye juce of a Lemon to quicken ye coller then roul out puffy past so thin as you may sea ye coller of ye aples through it, cut ye past round to ye shape of a ("salser"? sasser as in saucer) put ye aples on it and cover it with as much more past like a florantine, very thine, thes will be very red, then take ye Like past of appells againe but put in no ("Scuchingeale"?) nor sinamon, these with white, and for green codle ye aples yt are green in white wine peele them, straine them and boyle it with suger to a past put in to Juce of Lemonds in neather which nor green make them Like ye rest with very thine past, bake them but Let them stand in ye oven but while ye crust is enough, when you serve them up, Lay them four square on upon an other on a plate but Lay ye ("seurrall collers"?) by them selves on upon another.

to make a florutine
plauch Almons and beat them with a litell roswater very small, shred ye Kidney of veale fatt and Lean very fine and put to it a litell sacke creame and yoks of eggs, corrance sinamon suger nuttmuge and mace, a litell grated bread and litell salte sweet margerom time peneriall and winter savory chope them very fine a litell quantity of them mix thes things together bake it in a dish betwen to sheets of puff past, or you may put them in past like pastys and fry them with boter.

to bake a ("?oule") of fresh salmon
Season it with genger and salte good store of boter and bake it 2 hours, if you please you may cut small reason and lay about it and under it as you like it

to make a codling tarte
codle ye appells, pill and cut ye pape from ye cores, and put as much of that pape into some cream as will make it thick put in a Litell genger sinamon and suger and rose water, then bake it

to make 3: dozen of cakes
take halfe a pond of suger, a potell of flower halfe a pond of boter or (?), warme it on ye fire with a litell roswater, To yolks of eggs, halfe an ounce of sinamon, a good quantity of cloves and mace, a Litell creame, mingle all thes together, make ye past not to stife, So make them into Litell thin cakes and bake them.

to make a made dish of sheeps tongus
boyle them tender, slice them in thin slices, season them with sinamon ginger and a litell peper, put them into a coffin of fine past, with boter and a few sweet herbs chopt fine, bake it, then take a Litell nutmugg, viniger, boter, suger, and ye yolk of an egge, a sponfull of sacke, ye juce of a Lemon, boyle all thes together on a chafin dish of coals, and put it into ye pie, (?) ye pie when you have put in ye Licor, that it may run about ye pie, and serve it.

to make a florintine of a rabbet or the wing of a capon
mince eother of thes with Sweet herbs or ye ("yoks of 2 hard eggs" is crossed out) Kidney of veale, a few parboyled corrance, a date or to minced, a peice of preserved oring or Lemon, minced, Season it with ginger sinamon nutmugg and suger, then take yolkd of to eggs, a sponfull of creame, some grated bread and marrow cut in short peices, bake this in a dish betwene to sheets of puff past in a Litell rose water to it, then bake it.

a made dish of rabbets Livers
parboyle 3 or 4 livers, and chop them fin with sweer herbs, and ye yolks of 2 hard eggs, season it with sinamon ginger nutmugg and peper, a few parboyled corrance, a litell melted boter, and so make them in litell pasties and fry them or bake them.

to make a pie without fish or flesh
take green beets, picke out ye midle strings, chope them small with 2 or 3 well relished appells, season it with peper salte and ginger, a good handfull of reasons of ye son, fill your pie and put some boter in, bake it and then cut it up and put in ye Juce of an oring and suger and so serve it.

a quartered tarte of pipens
quarter them and stew them with claret wine and suger, very tender but take heed they breake not in ye stiring, when they are cold lay them in sheets of puff past with whole sinamon, 2 or 3 bruised clovs, a litell sliced ginger, a Litell of an outsid of an oring cut thine a ("bitt"?) of boter, about ye bignes of an egge, good stor of suger, sprinke on a litell of roswater, then close ye tarte and bake it, and (?) it with a litell roswater or oring flower water cast on with a fether when it is bake and suger shrewed on as fast as can be and set it in ye oven againe to harden ye sugar.

to make a goosbery tarte
picke them and put them into good past, with a Litell green ginger sliced, put in good stor of sugar, some roswater, close it and so bake it.

to make a chery tarte
bruise a ponde of cheries and streyn them and boyle ye sirope with suger, then take ye stones out of 2 pond more and put them in a coffin pour on ye sirop but Let it be cold, close it and bake it and ice it and so serve it.

to make an oyster pie with corrance
("save" ?) Licor of ya Largest oyster you can get season them with peper and genger a minced oynion, put them into a coffen put some corrance a good peice of boter, then pour in ye Licor close it when it is baked cut it up, and put in a litell viniger and melted boter, shake it well together and set it into ye oven a litell while and so serve it.

to bake a calves chaldren
parboyle it let it coole, picke only ye kurnells and cut it in small pecis, season it with peper salt and nutmugg, put in a few sweet berbs chopt or viniger, and bake it when it is enough, put in a cadle made with nutmugg viniger boter suger ye yolke of to eggs, a sponfull of sacke ye juce of an oring, and shake it well together and so serve it.

a delicate cheuett
parboyle a pecis of a Legg of veale, when it is cold mince it with beefe suet and marrow and a cuppell of wardens, minced fine, a few parboyled corrance, 6 dates minced, a peice of a preserved oring minced, Let ye marrow be cur in square pecis, season all this with peper salte nutmugg and suger, then put it into ye coffin, sprinkle it with roswater so close you pie, and bake it.

to bake a neats tongue to be eaten hott
boyle it tender and pill of ye skin, take ye flesh out of ye butt end, mince it small with beefe suet, and marrow, season it with peper salt and nutmugg, a few parboyled corrance a minced date, ye yokes of 2 eggs, a sponfull of creame worke all thes together, with a litell powder of dryed oring peall, sprinkle a litell veriuce put in some suger, then thrust it in againe as hard as you can crame it, bake it in a dish in ye oven, bast it with boter that it may not (?) dry on ye out side, and for sauce take viniger and boter nutmugg and suger and ye juce of a Lemon, put not ye sauce to it till you serve it to ye table.

to bake the umbles of a dear
take to small umbles 2 pond and a halfe of geese suet, if they be great then take 3 pond of suet, and 2 pond of corrance, 2 peniworth of sweet herbs, chopt small, very nigh halfe an ounce of peper, twice as much salte, on nutmuge beaten, mingle thes together, and put them in pies, you may cutt ye umbles in pecies and bake them with peper and salt only and so bake them.

to make a puffnell tart
take a litell flower and a Litell suger mix them together, then take yolks of 2 eggs, and a litell water, and make your past, then raise your tart, and put it in ye oven to dry it, then take whits of 12 eggs, and beat them in a faire charger with a sticke, till they froth up over ye charger, then fill your tart, and cast suger upon it presently otherwise it will spoyle for ye froth will fall, let it stande a quarter of an hour in ye oven, then take it out and cast suger upon it, take heed your oven be not slacke.

to make a tryfull
(note: this recipe is crossed out)
take a quart of creame, make it scalding hott, then season it with nutmugg and suger and roswater, pour it out into your dish and stir in 2 sponfulls of runet, cover it close and set it by till it come like (?), which will be in ye space of halfe and hour, be sure to doe it so yt you may make is as soone as it is don, els it will turne to whey and curdle, ("you may put in claret wine" is scribbled out) wild curds with claret wine or sacke ("eats"?) very well, sweetened with suger.

to make barley creame
take a poringer full of french barley, and boyle it in severall waters, then drawe it in a cullinder, take a quart of creame and when it boyle put in a nutmeg cut in quarters, and a litell larg mace, then take ye yolks of 2 eggs and beat it with 2 or 3 sponfulls of roswater, when ye creame is ready to boyle put in your barley, then boyle them altogether a quarter of an hour, then put in ye yolks of eggs roswater and a quarter of a pond of suger boyle it leasurly after ye eggs (?) then pour it into a dish, and stire it till it be Luke warme.

to make a rice dish
Lay your rice in water all night to take a way ye saltnes of it, then take it as clean from ye water as you can, boyle it in a litell milke till it is tender, then take it as dry from ye milk as you can, and take a litell creame and 2 or 3 eggs, ye yoks only beaten together with nutmugg suger and roswater, put to it a very litell creame becaus it must be as thicke as puding (?) then put it into a dish, set it over a chafing dish of coals, put a peice of boter into ye botom of ye dish, stire it till it be prety dry, then put a peice of more boter into ye dish, and make it small on ye tope, when it is enough, strew sinamon and suger on it, you may doe it with nothing but boter after it is boyled with milke and strew on sinamon and suger on it and so serve it.

To make ("mamangg"?) creame
take creame a potell, whits of eggs helfe a hundred, suger 2 ponde, beat your eggs and set all thes on the fire stiring them till they begin to boyle, then take it of ye fire, pour it into (?) earthen pan, let it stand untill it be cold, then strayne it againe once or twice, through a fine strayner with some rose water, then dish it up and cast some biskets (something is inserted above this) upon it.

to stew a pudding between two dishes
take yolks of 3 eggs, and ye white of an 6 sponfulls of creame, nutmugg, clovs and mace, a litell, a quarter of a pond of beife suet, minced small, a quarter of a pond of corrance, a litell grated breas and a litell roswater mingle it together, then take a cake of ("veale"?), cut it like trenches in four squar peices, Lay 3 sponfulls of ye bater upon side of it, and roule it up, pin it with a kuet and tye it (?) ends with a thread, you may put 2 or four of them in a dish, then take halfe a pint of strong moton broth, and 6 sponfulls of viniger, 3 or 4 blads of mace, an ounce of suger, make this broth to boyle upon a chafing dish of coals, then put it in your pudings, cover it with an other dish, turn them over a quarter of an hour for fear of burning, then put them in another with, and pour ye broth on them lay sipets in ye dish.

to make a(?) possett
take a quart of milke, take 5 eggs, ye whites of but 3 of them, let ye milke boyle and let it be almost cold againe, befor you put in ye eggs, beat ye eggs very well, with halfe a pint of sacke, sweeten it with suger, then put it in to ye milke, and set it over ye fore againe till it begins to curdle, then put it into a bason, set it with embers rond about it, but not uneder ye botom of it, so let it stand till it is whalled, like a custard, stire it with a spone, then take it of and strew sinamon and suger mixt together on ye top and serve it.

to make sassegges
take porke and cut it very small, put to it as much of ye hoggs leafe shread it so small that you can hardly see ye lean from ye fatt, then take a good quantity of sage finly shred and mingle it with it, season it with peper and salt and so fill ye skins, and hang them up in ye chimney to dry.

To make a sacke creame
take a pinte of creame and 8 eggs but 2 of ye yolks and beat it very well, and boyle ye creame and eggs together, stire it all ye while on ways, and then put in a quarter of a pint of sacke and still stire it on wayes. Let it but just boyle, lay your mace a litell while in roswater, then take it out and put in ye rosewater and sweeten it with suger.

to make white hoggs pudings
take of flower and grated bread a like quantity, eggs, corrance, nutmuggs, clovs and mace, and a pecie of ye Lights of ye hogg, parboyle it and when it is cold shred it with ye like quantity of reasons of ye fore stoned so small till you cannot deferne ye on from ye other, so make it up with creame and roswater put in a litell salte, as much amber grece as you please, you may make rice pudings this the best way is to wet ye pudings with nothing but roswater and eggs and put to ye pudings a good quantity of beefe suett shred very fine.

to make a florintine with pipens or any kinde of fruit what so ever.
roule out your past very thin, as broad as your dish, lay it close to your dish and fill it with pears, pipens or any kinde of plumes or cherys or goosberys, put suger to it and cover them with an other sheet of past and cur ye past on ye edge of ye dish in jaggs and scallops and bake it, puff past is best for these things.

to make rasbery creame
boyle a quart of creame, then take a quart of rasberys set them in a pot of water to stew but let no water come into them, then pour out ye clear from them and strayne out ye pulpe, when it is cold and ye creame is cold all to put them together and put to them as much as grated bread as will make them a reasonable thicknes, sift it fine, and mix them together that ye bread be not seen season it with rosewater and suger and so serve it. 

to make an Amon puding
take cheesecurds very well wheyed, then breake it very small, and put to it a litell salt, sliced nutmugg and suger, and a litell flower to stiffen it, and ye yolks 13 eggs, a handfull of blancht Almons, beaten small, and in ye beating of them put in now and then a litell roswater to keep them from oyling, then mix all well together and put it into poringers, and bake them when they are enough take a good deale of melted boter, roswater and suger, and put them in a dish 3 or 4 of them, with ye melted boter, you must make them up in round bales and put them into poringers and so bake them.

another way to make puff past
wett ye flower only with eggs, and roule in a great deal of boter roule it very often, but break it not at all, you may make a florintine of this with rice after it is boyled and cold, or meat shred fine with suet and corrance, spices roswater suger and eggs and reasons shred.

to make sasseges another way
take ye belley of porke and some of ye leafe(beaf?) and shred them together fine, then take sage parsley and tops of rosemary, clovs and mace, nutmege peper and salte, shred ye herbs and beat ye spices, then take creame and white bread sliced thin and boyle them together till a spone will stand up right in it, then breake in a good many eggs and mingle all wel together and so fill ye skines.

To make sasseges of moton without skins
take ye inside of a loyne of motton, fat and lean and a good quantity of sage shred it altogether very fine then put grated bread cloves and mace peper and salt, and 4 or 5 eggs not beaten, 6 or 8 sponfulls of thicke creame, 4-5 sponfulls of sack, then mix them well together and roule them in grated bread like sasseges fry them with boter, serve them in with mustard put a good quantity of suer that they may not (?) dry and fry them as soon as they are done.

to boyle cream after the Spanish fashion
Let ye creame boyle with larg mace, sliced nitmuge thicken it with rice, beaten to powder and seerced through a fine sive, Let it boyle till it be thicke like a custard, then take out ye spices, and put in a litell salte, sweeten it with suger, and roswater, put it into a dish and stir it not till it be cold, and then serve it, you may put in ye yolks of 2 or 3 eggs, if you please.

to pickle quinces, but the other is best which you shall find
take your quinces and coar them, and shred som of them very small, boyle them with ye coars, in faire water, then put in your quinces, scald them then take them out, and when they are cold put them up in this pickle, put a litell salt into it and so keepe it.

to pickle cowcumbers after the Duch maner and the best way
take ye smallest cowcumbers you can get, and when they are new gathered, put them into a plater and strew a good hanfull of salt upon them, stire them well in ye salte and then put them ("salks"?) and all into a cullender and set it over a dish or bole all night ye next day take ye cowcumber so drianed from ye salt and put them in a pot or (?) lay a layor of cowcumbers and a layer of clovs and mace and whole peper un beaten and so a layer of cowcumbers and a layer of spices till you have filled you pott, then fill up ye pot with whit wine vineger and keep it close covered thes will keep and not on of thow will perish.

to make cowsleps sallets
picke you cowsleps and cut of ye whits close to ye flowers then put them in a galley pott with white wine vinegar ye best you can get sweeten it with suger very well, and prese them down in ye pott very close cover them close and you may keep them all ye year.

to stew oysters with herbs
put ye oysters into a popken only on to avoyd gravell, but non of their licor, put to them a prety quantity of veriuce, a litell wine vinegar, and a bundell of sweet herbs, a whole oynon a litell whole peper, and a large mace, and as theyboyle keepe them scumed, and when they are boyled enough, take forth ye herbs and ye oynion, and put in some fresh boter cut in thin pecis, and shake ye pipken roude till it becom thicke serve it with sippets.

another way to stew oysters
take y oysters with some of their licor and a quantity of white wine, large mace whole peper a small quantity Let them stew together till they are enough and then put sweet boter cut in thin slices and shake ye pipken rond till it is thicke then put it in a dish with sipets.

To make a swane, Goose, or pigg puding,
steepe oatmeall in creame or milke all night then strayne in as much blood as will coller it put to it shred suet, eggs and sweet herbs, but most of peniriall, stripe them from ther staks and shred them very smakkm season it with salte, cloves and mace, and boyle it in a bagg, or bake it in a pan boter ye pan very well that it may (?) forth, in ye same maner you make sheeps pudings, and put it into guts pricke them as they rise in boyling and they will breake.

to make a Loaf puding
cut of ye tope of ye Loaf so as you may close it againe, then hollow ya loafe as much as you can for breaking, then great ye bread and put it in some creame, scalding hott, with eggs very well beaten, season it with roswater nutmugge and suger, a litell salte, you may put som marrow and corrance if you please, then put it into ye loafe againe, stope it with ye cover you cut of it, then tye it uo close in a cloath and boyle it with beefe.

to make white hoggs pudings
take (?) creame and braked bread, suet shred very small, put in a litell salt, nutmuge cloves and mace, suger and roswater and so fill ye guts being (?) very clean, and as they rise in boyling pricke them least they breake put in some corrance and eggs, and some ambergrece, keep them boyling all the while till they are enough.

to make a quaking puding
take a pint of creame 6 eggs, very well beaten and as much grated bread as will make it as thicke as batter, season it with suger roswater and a litell salte, with a litell mace shred small 3 or 4 cloves beaten, weet ye bagg in milke and strew it with flower and when ye water boyls put it into boyle an hour will boyle it, you may make them in 3 litell pudings and when they are boyled put them in a dish on leaning against ye other, up right and you put melted boter suger and roswater to them or in sheed of roswater you may put in veriuce if you like it.

to stew a calves chaldren
when it boyled shred it as for mince pies, and put it into a pipken with a pint of creame, a quantity of corrance, and a nutmeg grated, with a litell salte, so stew it, and when it is enough scum of all ye take very clean, and season it with suger roswater and veriuce, and so serve it.

To stew (?) of Calves feet,
when they are boyled tender, take out ye long bones and slit them in halves, put them into a pipken, with as much faire water as will cover them, put to them a prety many of currance a bundle of sweet herbs, and salt and peper if you please, season them with suger and veriuce, or ye juce of a lemon, so serve it with ye broth, you may stew a neats foot in this manner and it eats well.

to boyle a brest of moton
boyle it in water and salte, then bake some of yt licor, and put to it a bundle of sweet herbs but most of a parsley, lage mace, boyle them together with some capers and sampher among them in a pipken, then take out ye bundle of herbs shred it small, and put it into ye licor, with a good peice of boter, and a litell veriuce or vinegar, put some sippets in your dish pour on ye sauce, lay on your moton some of ye capers and hers, and sampher, set olives round ye dish cut of ye tops and lay them between ye olives you may put in a litell white wine to ye licor in ye stewing.

to stew a necke or loyne of moton
take and cut it in pecis, and put it into a pipken with as much water as will cover it, when it boyls scume it clean, and put to it a litell peper and salte, some sweet herbs shred small, a litell while mace, and some vineger stew them together, and when it is enough put sippets in ye dish and serve it with some of ye licor and ye herbs upon it if you please you may cut an oynion in halfe and stew with it but take it out againe after it hath stewed a while for fear it hast to strong of it.

the best way to pickell quinces
boyle ye parings and coars and some crabb quinces together, tell ye ("wak?") be very strong, where it is cold, put in your quinces, in severall pots, as many as you will use at once, cover them close, this way they will keep best.

to pickle barberys
gather ye barberys when they are very dry picke out ye fairest bunches, and put them into a pott, or barell, then picke ye small barberyes from ye stalked and boyle them in water and salte, till it be very strong, then strayn it and put in some red wine, and when it is cold put in ye barberys cover them well with licor and so keepe them covered.

to pickle brome buds
make vinegar and salt strong enough to bear and egge, then put your brom buds into a pott or wooden vessell, and put ye licor to them, strew some salt on them and after 2 or 3 days, stire them about with a small sticke, once in 6 or 7 days, till winter that you use them.

to pickle brome buds another way,
put a layer of buds and a layer of salte and so a layer of buds and then salte, and when you have put them all in, fill them up with white wine vineger, let them stand so covered 3 days if ye vineger be sunke till it up againe and cover it close, and stir them not, these will keep very greene.

to stew colleyflowers or a cabbage
boyle ye colleflowers or cabbage till it is allmost tender enough, shift it in boyling once or twice then cur ye cabbage in pecies but not ye colleflowers drean it very well from ye water, then put it into a pipken with buter and a litell vineger and a prety deal of beaten ginger, and large mace, some like white wine in steed of vinegar, so stew it a prety while, shake or stire it a bout to keepe it from burning, put it forth into a dish and so serve it to ye table.

to rost a legg of veale with lard
powder ye legg of veale over night and larde it with bakon and rost it is way good, you may lard a shoulder of vealle but you must not powder it, a calves head boyled and after broyled and scorched is very good.

to rost a shoulder of veale stuffed
with herbs, or a litell of veale, take sweet herbs shred small, beede suet shred small, and some grated nutmugg with ye yolks of 2 eggs, mingle all these together and stuffe your legg or shoulder very well and then rost it, put boter and vinegat to it for ye sauce.

to rost a shoulder of moton with oysters
take a quart of oysters and wash them clean, then take a pint of white wine and put to ye oysters, put them into an earthen pipken, covering them close, then set them over a soft fire and as soone as they boyle take them of, then take some of ye oyster out and stuffe ye shoulder of moton, with it, then take pastley boyled green, and capers and shred them together and put them to ye rest of ye oysters, let them stew a litell while together, then take it of and put in a litell boter and a very litell peper, so put it upon ye shoulder of moton in ye dish and capers and olives and sampher on ye top of ye moton.

to boyle a brawne and to souce it
when your brawne is killed scape it and cut it in thin pecis, ("wa"?) it 3 days, shift it and scrape it every day, into fresh water, morning and evening, but let it lye in cold water and when it is very white roule it up into collers very hard and close, set it up in cloaths, or tye them up with cors tape, put them in a great kitell and boyle them till you can thrust a straw throw them for tendernes, if they begin to crake take them out and boyle them againe ye next day, scume it all ye while it boyles when it is boyled enough scum it very well and put in too gallions of milke, so let it stand till ye next morning then take it forth of ye kittell and ripp it out of the cloaths and keepe them tyed and put them into this ("s?ing") drinke watr and (?) boyled and when it is cold put it to ye brawne, this (?"ing") drinke is best for all maner of souce, but it must be ("shi?ed") once in 5 or 6 days, you may choose whether you will put milke in to ye water or let it stand in water all night, or not, but may take it up when it is boyled and set it by all night till it is cold and next morning put it into ye (?"ing") drinke if ye strings be (?"acke") tye them again.

to make second porrages
take a pinte of ye best milke or creame, ye yolks of 2 dozen of eggs, strayne them through a fine strayner, put them into a skillett, season it with roswater nutmugg and suger, and a litell genger, and 2 sponfulls of sacke, a peice of boter as big as a wallnutt, then set it on a soft fire and keep it stiring till it boyle, then take it of and set it in a pan of cold water to coole a litell, then strew on a litell sinamon and som carway cumfitts upon it and so serve it.

to keepe clove gilliflowers for sallets
take white wine vinegar and warme it hott, then take your gelliflowers and clipe of ye whites of them, put them into a galley pott, put between every handfull of flowers a handfull of suger, then put in ye vineger, and be sure you stire them once a weeke or more.

to make white leach of almons
take 2 ounces of isingglase, cut in small pecis and lay it on water over night, ye next morning boyle it in a quart of water, till it be helfe consumed with a large mace then strayne it and set it a cooling, then take a pottell of milke and halfe a poude on almous blancht and beated fine, and strayne them with ye milke, put in 2 nutmuggs, grated an punce of genger, cleane peared and sliced, or some what (?) if it be not hott enough, of ye ginger put in a branch of rosmary, when they have boyled half an hour put in ye isingglase you boyled befor, and seth them with as much suger as will make it very sweet, with a litell roswater, when you take it from ye fire, rune it through a cloath, and put it into a deep dish but it stand till it be cold, then cut it and make dished for your ("ser?"), or you may (?) it againe and put it into china dishes, and serve it in after diner amongst gelles.

to pickle samphire
take hald water and half white wine vineger and a litell salte, put ye fairest bunches of samphir into it, be sure of licor enough to cover it then boyle it in a brase pott well stoped with a cover to past, let it bole but a litell, then take it of and let it stand close covered all night, and in ye morning, take it out and put into a stone pott, and put ye same licor into it and prese it downe, lay a white paper upon it and prese it close downe, and keepe it covered.

to keepe grapes all the year
take ye full ripe grapes and put ye stalks of ye bunches into pipens, make a hole in ye pipens, iust fill for ye stalke, so close it up with ye pipen as came out ye hole and lay them on by on in a box with fresh sande under and over them, but ye sande must be as small as may be then nayle downe ye box, you must lay but on (?) of sand for fear of bruising them, so you may serve them as cristmast.

to make almonboter
take a pottell of faire runing water, set it over ye fire, and put in a handfull of blew viollett leaves let it boyle, then strayn out ye water, take a ponde of sweet almons, and blanch them in cold water then ponde them in a marble morter, and as you pond them put into it ye aforsaid violett water, being cold, strayne it out till ye milk from ye pulpe of ye almons, when you have all ye substance from them, set this milke over a clear fire keep it from ye dust and when it boyles wring in ye juce of a lemond and be sure to keep forth ye kernells or els turne it with sacke, take of all ye curde, put it into a cloath hang it up, that all ye whey rune from it, then sweeten it with roswater and suger.

to make snow
take halfe a pint of creame and 3 or 4 sponfulls of roswater, and season them very well with good suger, and with a cow, make it froth, let on stand by you and take it of with a spone, take a peny loafe and pare of ye crust bottom and topp and sides, and lay it whole in ye bottom of ye dish, and sticke a branch of rosmary in ye midle of ye bread, and then lay on your snow, and so serve it in.

to make white broth with a capon
take a capon and boyle it in fair water, and when it is boyles take out some of ye broth, take halfe a pinte of white wine and some marrow, boyle them together in a pipken, or between 2 dishes, a quarter of an hour, then take ye yoks of 3 eggs, and 2 sponfulls of creame, sweeten it to your taste, stire it well on ye fire that it curdle not, put in ye capon, ley ye marrow on ye capon and garnight it out with suckets, and sweer meats, serve it with sipets.

to make rasp wine
take red raspberyes, and picke them, take on pint of them, and bruise them very well, then put thereto an quart of ye best white wine, let them stande together, an hour being close stopt, then take a quarter of a pound of loafe suger, beaten small, put it into some earthen vessell and strayne ye wine and rasps into it, then put it into stone bottells, stopp them close and tye ye corks, and set it in a coole place, and it will be ready to drinke in a fortnight, or 3 weeks be sure that all ye vessells you use about it be eather earth or silver.

an other way to make the quaking puding
take a pint and halfe of creame and boyle it with mace, genger and nutmugg, quartered, put to it 8 eggs, with 4 of ye whites, beaten, and a few almonds blaucht and beaten and strayned, in with ye creame, and a litell roswater; put ye roswater into ye almons in ye beating for fear of oyling; put some suger and a sponfull of flower, then take a thicke napkin, wet it with milk and strew on some flower on it type up ye puding into it, boyle it with beefe or moton or take ye spices off out of ye creame, when it is boyled before you mix it.

to boyle teal or ("wig?ions")
half roast them, then take them of ye spitte and race them down ye brests with a knife and sticke half a dozen clous in ther brests, put them into a pipken with a ladle full or to of moton both, a litell white wine and a bundle of sweet herbs, season it with peper, veriuce and a litell boter, and thicke it with a tost of manchet steept in a ladle full of ye same broth, and when you serve it garnish it with barberies on ye side of ye dish.

to boyle a rabbett
take a rabbett slite him unto ye midle then pricke him with his heeles over his head and put him into a pipken with a litell strong moton broth, whole mace a good handfull of sweet herbs as (l?ice) spinage, parsly, time and savoury season it with veriue, peper and suger thicken it with a tost steept in ye same broth, garnish it with barberis.

to stew piggions
take ye piggions and slite them down ye backs and lay them in a pewter dish with a litell water, and pasley, time, savory, so let them boyle together till they are allmost enough, then take some bacon and cutt it in very thine slices, put it into warme water, let it stande a while and then put the bacon into ye piggions, ley sippits in ye dish with boter and veriuce or viniger, and so serve up ye piggions ley barberies on them and cover ye piggions with ye bacon, herbs, and barberies.

to stew a rumpe of beefe with sacke or other wine
take a rumpe of beefe and halte boyle it, then take it out ans slash it like a shoulder of moton all over, and put in a litell whole peper, and whole mace, into ye pot you stir it in and a litell water, time and savory a like quantity, then put in a pint of sacke, and some capers, when it is stewd enough. Serve it up with sippets, this may be don with white wine or white wine vineger and eate as well.

to sowce a pige
tale a large pige, being scallded, and cut of his head, and slite him through ye midle take out his bones, and coller him like brawne, wrape him up in fine cloaths, and boyle him in water and salte, then take a quart of his own broth, a quart of white wine, boyle it together, and let it stande till it be cold and then put in your pige, when you serve it in lay fenell on it, and send in vineger in saucers, as with storgion (?) ye head first for it will keepe last.

to harch (hash?) a shoulder of moton with oysters
take a shoulder of moton when it is green rosted and cur all ye meate from ye bone, put it into a dish, with some water yt an oynion hath ben steept in some peper some oysters and a litell white wine, boyle thes alltogether well then put in a litell boter, boyle ye bone you cut ye meat from, and lay it in ye dish, and cover it with ye meat and oysters.

to rost a brest of moton with oysters
take a brest of moton and stuffe ye skiney end full of great oysters, then rost it, when it is enough dregg it with grated bread and time, if you will, then have ready for ye sauce, some great oysters stewd with ther owne licor with a litell vineger and peper and boter, then lay ye brest of moton in a dish and ye stewd oysters on it, and under it, with ye sauce and some thine slices of lemon over it, mingled with ye oysters, if you please you may put in white wine in steede of ye viniger.

to boyle a carpe or pike if you please
take a carpe if it be large cutt him in 3 pecis take out his guts, but seale him not, and boyle him in halfr water and halfe white wine with halfe a pinte of vineger and bundell of sweet herbs an oynion cut in halfe a nutmugg cut in quarters and a good handfull of salte, when this licor boyles a pace put in your carpe eather cut or whole, and let it boyle as fast as you can till it swimes and then it is enough, get a good quantity of botor and beat it in ye ("m?ing") till it be very thicke desolve 2 or 3 anchovise in a quantity of white wine, strayne it and put it to ye melted boter, and beat them together, put on you carpe put sippits in ye dish and put in some whole mace (?) boylings, lay it on ye carpe with sliced lemons.

to boil a pike another way
take him when it is alive and slite it downe ye back and quite through, put ye taile in ye mouth but slit not ye taile, and put it into a clouth and boyle it in water and salte and viniger, put some whole mace in ye cloath with ye pike, let ye water boyle before you put it in and when it swims it is enough, and for sauce- take a good quantity of boter melted and beaten thicken with some mace beaten to powder and put to it and so pour it on and lay on ye whole ,ace you boyled with ye pike, you must put in a litell viniger in ye boter, in ye (?"ing")

to stew a calves chaldren
when it is boyles cut it in pecis as bige as you carve in at ye table then put it into a pipkin with as much ater as will cover it and some oynions pilled, and 3 or 4 aples, pared and quartered, with larg mace a litell salte and a bundle of sweet herbs, stew it on a soft fire, tell ye oynions are tender, then it is enough, serve it to ye table in ye same broth, scume of some of ye fatt, but take forth ye herbs, and lay on ye oynions aples and mace on ye chaldren.

my Lady Manchesters receipt for a cake
take halfe a buchell of fine flower and fifteen ponde of corrance three ponde of reasons washed and dryed in a cloath tow ponds and halfe of suger an ounce of nutmuges an ounce of mace halfe an ounce of cloves dry all thes together and beat them very small take on ponde of dates shred and stone them mix all thes in the flower then take five pints of creame boyle it and three ponde of butter put into the creame and let it stand till it be melted on pint of sacke, on dozen of eggs and to or three of the whites beat them very well with the sacke take on quart of good ale yest mixe all thos together and make it into a past then let it stande by the fire one hower heat the oven very hott and befor you set it into the oven let the schorching heat be over let it stande in the oven two hours then take it out and wash it over with rosewater and cast on suger and then set it into the oven againe till it be dry.

to make methegling
take you hony combes and put them in a sive that the hony may rune from them then put a sufficient quantity of water to the combs and wash them with your hands very well then strayne them very harde and put the licore in a pane and boyle it very fast with continuall stiring of it and let it be as cold as beere or ale before it is ("turned"?) up and as you doe to that so proprotionatly put ("brane"?) to it and so let it worke in the vessell all night and the next day (?) it up and hange thus spices in it sinamon cloves nutmugg and mace of each a small quantity after the ("toning"?) stope it with a corke lightly as it leaveth working you may know by the hissing to stoppe it closser.

to make a duck puding (noted as being "very good")
take a dish and rub a litle boter on it and take a manchet and slice it as thine as possibly you can laye it rounde the dish then laye a laying of marrow or fresh butter and then a laying of dates or sweet meats and soe doe till ye dish be full then take a pint of creame and boyle it with mace and suger to your (?) and when it is all most cold put into it ye yolkes of 4 eggs and put it to the rest of the things and soe bake it.

to make a white pote
take a pinte of creame boyle it put to it ye yolkes of 8 egges stiring them with ye creame well over ye fire but let not the creame boyle after you have put in ye egges and beat on nutmugg small and put it into ye creame and season it with suger to your tast and take a quarter of a pounde of almonds beaten smalle with rose water and put in also some thine slices of breade and lay them in a dish and poure out ye creame and all ye rest on ye sippites and sticke some reasons of ye (son?) stoned on ye creame and so put it into ye oven being mildly hott and when it is backed to your liking strew suger on it.

to make Clowted Creame
take morning milke set it on ye fire and seith it up and put it into a boule and with a sciming dish take of ye froth then take a quart of thicke creame and poure rounde about it stiring it together then cover it with a warme boule let it stand covered 2 hours then take of ye boule if it be hott if not let it stande and let it stande 3 days and when you serve it forth cutt it with a knife and lay it on a dish with suger.

to coller beefe (same hand but ink is darker)
take the ("duble rande"?) of beefe and take out the bones steep it in white wine forty eight hours take three cloves of garlicke and steepe with it then take out the garlicke then season the beefe well with pepper and salte and a litle cloves and nutmeges then roule up the beefe like brawne and bind it a boute and put it into an earthen pott with licor and bake it well then take it out and let it stande till it be colde.