Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pretty theory but...

(Nov. 9, 2009)

pie, safe?... possibly not so much due to just pastry

Thinking in practical standards...

the umble pie recipes all seem to work out rather large... I mean LARGE! Yet, a large number of people eating it would have it gone quickly enough and a smaller number would be left with an opened pie. (storage practical for short term storage before serving though... if you skimp on the fat though, too much will be stuck to the lid on opening)
These pies do have a fairly large amount of fat... same amount of suet to 'meat'... this not only coats everything, it leaves a thick film over the entire pie (very thin film after opening however). Seems like a special occasion pie anyway... everything is so rich about it... potting would be a better option for the everyday continual eating...

amusing tidbit... the 6 year old took a taste and asked for it in his lunch :)
the 30-something year old stuck his nose up at it but tried a little after much convincing and took another taste after but is still a little weirded out over the idea of it.

I still have not mastered the coffin yet... had to use a string tied around the middle of the wall to help keep it from splaying out while building it up... but all I needed was a string so must be close... The pastry should be warm but it could have been my mix or a combination of the room temp,, my hand temp, and the room temp. *shrugs* It's just building the walls though... I can manhandle the finished, uncooked, product and the lid is not an issue.

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