Sunday, February 14, 2010

makin a coffin...

(original post, Nov. 2009)

Was putting this step off as I so hate making up a pastry that works against everything I grew up knowing about good pastry!!!
Kinda fun playing with play-dough pastry though

Only making a mini-coffin (like a chewit, but bigger) , suitable for one... my family would appreciate not having to live off of a pie full of offal and fruit lol, though it smells yummy.

Doing one for the test and the remaining filling will be cooked and frozen... if it is good

Notes: The pastry I was working with was a pastry made with warm water and melted fat which it then beat for every inch of it's life... basically, this is to release the gluten, something you generally do not want to do when making up a short paste as it makes the pastry stiff and tough. However, not all heavily worked pastries are inedible, usually just the ones made with water and flour only were not meant to be consumed at some point. I actually enjoy a good raised pastry!

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