Sunday, February 14, 2010

Offal in the kitchen

There are all sorts of offal boiling away in the kitchen.... it's much better than it sounds!

(original post: Nov. 2009)

Wanted to make a mince pie and decided to fumble around with an umble pie while I was at it... problem is that I could only get cow stuffs and not deer stuffs but since I'm dealing with organ meats... maybe not a bad thing, though I do love deer, even the bits. Too bad I didn't have a sheep's head...then I could fake it like it's 1615 :P

Once thing I did find, and this was after reading more umble and mince recipes a person could ever care to read, is that my thoughts on the umble being a mince pie is correct but could see how an error could be made should one just happen to pick up a random recipe that was ill in direction.

been reading through pastry recipes as well... seems more like I have been reading the same ones over and over for at least 3 centuries.... and came across a bit of plagiarism while I was at it, no surprise there and won't be the last time :P

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