Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall is creeping in

Well, the summer is coming to an end as is my little vacation from my winter hobbies... however the summer was not without a bit of food play and work on my new website project (though I was hoping to have my site launched by now)...

Various new food projects included trying out various 1800-1810 recipes utilizing cold meats, which is something I'd like to elaborate on as cooler weather means cooking up roasts and the like. Lets face it, "leftovers" can be a problem with family members who prefer something new at each meal but given many of the recipes I've been digging through, it seems the issue is far from a new one...

The dinner to the right utilized a recipe from 1808 for the breaded meatballs made up from minced beef roast. This is paired with potato croquettes from an early 1930's cook book and some dry spinach.

Recipes for these, along with many more, will be eventually featured on the website I've been working hard to get online (partially republished from my old one)

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