Thursday, May 20, 2010


Been thinking of cook-shops for a while now... there is just something intriguing to me about them, perhaps it is the crudeness of a cook-house as compared to the more refined setting of grand kitchen...
Hey, I do tend to lean toward the lower class workers of the more populated regions...

Here is a quick look at the Ready-Made-Foods made available at cook-shops and bakeries (in general)-
All sorts of hot roasted and boiled meats, poultry and fish (such as beef, goose, capon, rabbit, beef-ribs, sheeps-feet, mackerel and cod)
Breads, waffles, wafers, hot cooked pies filled with meat, flans and cakes (cheese), butter, cheese, pottages, rissoles, stews, puddings, hot peas, hot beans, baked apples and sauces.

another cook-shop option would be that of cooking food brought in by patrons

I found it interesting that there are some accounts of women running cook-shops.

Somewhat unrelated
SCA-wise, I love to cook and create on all levels but think it would be fun to focus on work as a Pastiler
perhaps at a future event should I find both the time and opportunities

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Unknown said...

It did not dawn on me to quote sources for this, however I was rambling more than anything. Some of the sources do include Langland... Chaucer, Guild, City and household records (many complete with costs)... also stuff written by Carlin (who most books end up quoting for info on medieval "fast food") who quotes, I think Langland, as well John de Garland and the poem "London Lickpenny"- Lydgate... and think William Fitz Stephen
I lost some of the info of women running cook-shops but there were recorded instances within the medieval/renaissance period... in France and elsewhere (but I can not remember *sigh*)
I would love to find some more leads to cook-houses in Europe in the medieval/renaissance period, esp. stuff not already covered by Carlin

What I did fail to add, was some of the stuff relating to ready-made food as seen in paintings... such as rice porridge (having guild records also help here with identification) and pretzels. I do not know entirely their relation to cook-shops however so did not elaborate.