Thursday, May 20, 2010


Ages ago, I did a web page (with moving and a new babe in the house I've been busy with other things, hopefully I'll find more time and ambition to play with the site again) on what I believed to be butter (and still do)

since then I found far more pictures, just can't remember where I put them all, however a friend found one here:
(you just have to scroll down to the bottom)

and lately have noticed another image here (which for some reason I had not noticed before)  which to my thinking is very important, as is the one in the above link as they directly link the object to being a dairy product, and likely a fresh one at least.

At this market 'stall' there is what appears to be cheeses (the rounds) and what is possibly milk or cream... I am guessing the tubs have milk with the jug possibly holding cream that would be skimmed off from the milk, but that is just an experience based guess. To the far right, in the wooden trencher, am making a guess at they being butter.

Some reasoning I have given elsewhere... "The large number of images found often show it in either a glazed plate or a treen trencher (as used for working butter) with images of the former shown signally in conjunction with bread or of the latter along with merchant posts and/or with dairy related items in small number. Images tend to relate it as delicate in nature, likely fresh or at least soft and that it slices like... well... butter."

Simple products and basic items often seen as just ingredients quite intrigue me...

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