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From the Cookbook of Mrs. Grace Acton, 1621

 Herbs to season
 Herbs to cure

Though this cookbook was dated to the early 17th century, some of the recipe names and menu read more like a 15th century recipe book
Follow this link to 15th century (and earlier) recipes and translation in my other blog: Recipe a Day

the recipes:
Viande Royal
Browet of Almayne
To cure a wen in neck
Peacock with the skin
cure for Bed wetting
For a sty on the eye
Leche Lumbarde
Cure for cough
To ease a woman big with child
boar in egredouce

Table for a menu:
Browet farced and charlet
Baked mallard, Eeals, small birds
almond milk withall.
Capon roast with syrup
Roast veal. Pig Roasted. Herons
A leche A tart of flesh
Browet of Almayne Viavnde?al
Mallard conies phasant venison
Jelly a leche urchynnes
Pomme de orynge
Boar in egredouce  Mawmene
Cranes curlew. Partridge
A leche  A Crustade
A Peacock endored roasted
served with the skin
Cockatris Flampoyntes? Daryole
Pears in syrup

recipes from book to follow

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Marian said...

Thank you for your transcriptions of historic recipes! I saw many items here that I had not encountered elsewhere.

In the "receipt" Cure for Bed Wetting
"Boil a mouse in urine and pound wythe chopped acorn and see coal (coral?) and feed to the child on empty gutt," you seem to question the term "sea coal." This is a well known term. see:

Old Marian