Monday, March 22, 2010

Fried pastry

While comparing pastry recipes, I took another look into Scappi's pastry recipes and found yet another one that I really should try.

This one is for White Dish

The dough he describes is made up of:
fine flour, egg yolks, a little rendered fat, salt, sugar, rosewater and warm water.

This is to be made up into a stiff paste and done up into a shell (big, small, tall or squat... so lots of wiggle room here)
Then it is left to firm up a little before being fried in rendered fat (or oil) that isn't too hot, and also being careful to not have the pastry stick in the pan.

Now here is the cool part: To keep the pastry shell hollow, he suggests taking a chunk of wood (much like a pestle) that can fit into the cavity of the shell and to fry the pastry with this inserted, and as the pastry cooks, it should pull away from the wood.
The shell is then drained, put in a tart pan and filled with the white-dish then baked.

This almost reminds me of timbales, except it doesn't use batter but a fully formed pie shell

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