Sunday, February 14, 2010

Was thinking about the plausible... food

(Jan. 25. 2010)

Just to look at paintings however, market scenes are probably a bit better of a resource than say Arcimboldo who does show wonderful examples for the gardener but not necessarily for the diner.
I like to compare with books, mainly in texts used for cooking... unless I'm looking at medicine or gardening

anyhow, just a quick poke at market scenes,
I see...
-cabbages of red and white (actually guessing green) smooth and wrinkly, round and long (or is lettuce)
-carrots in white, red (purple) and orange, parsnips, skirret?
-melons, snake gourds, cucumbers (and based on stem shape, possibility of American squash)
-turnips (white)
-onions, garlic
-peas, beans
-grapes in red, green and black
-various tree-fruits such as cherries, plums, pears, apples...
-berries (bramble)
-walnuts, hazelnuts

(just starters anyhow...)

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