Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sfogliato pastry (Crostata Part... ??)

(Feb. 3rd, 2010)

sfogliato pastry (16th century, Italian)... translator likens to "Flaky pastry"
took a break from pastries for a fresher look, now revisiting a troubling recipe

egg yolks
warm water
little bit of fat

Preparation for pastry:
This is well kneaded --(this will melt any fat and release gluten, though it does not seem high fat like "flaky pastry")
Should be soft
Rolled into an elongated sheet
grease with melted rendered fat (melted but not hot)
Rolled up from narrow end of sheet and sliced into approx. 1 1/2" thick slices (placed to form pastry...)
(mentions another way to prepare dough by means of stretching suggesting a phyllo, said not to be as good however)

Suggests oven with top heat being greater (shallow oven rather than deep) rather than getting it's heat from the bottom.

For a Crostate:

Preparation for bottom:
Grease pan with fat or butter
Pastry: Flour, rosewater, egg yolks, butter, salt (sounds like a typical short paste)
Bottom layer usually thicker with remaining two being thin, all greased with fat/butter and sprinkled with sugar.
Sometimes treated with egg wash (said to stave penetration of contents into the pastry)

sfogliato pastry made into a twist placed over bottom layer, or around bottom layer?

sfogliato pastry made up several ways...
--triple layer, thin and buttered between layers
--slit like lace
--layered like shutters
--sheets with top layer done decoratively, such as twisted slits

Notes on Traditional VS Historic
Yet another example where the early historic version bares little resemblance (apart from lattice decoration and that it is a pie) to the traditional version and as tempting as it may be to pigeonhole it into the modern/tradition version, it would not make much sense.

Just needed to think out loud... I'd like to give this style of pastry another go of it sometime... maybe even try a crostate with the phyllo style top and side pastries and see how it works.
There, needed a little head exercise :)

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