Sunday, February 14, 2010

Galentine... Jelly or not Jelly... or Both?

(January 11th, 2010)

I am confused... everywhere I read, people say Galentine is a jelly type sauce... why?

I've been ripping apart sauces left and right and there is nothing to give cause for that conclusion apart from the the resemblance between the word Galentine and gelatine. Usually though, were jelly is a goal, books usually tell us... many sugar thickened sauces, for instance, are described as jellies or jelly-like (which makes sense) while galentine seems to be "yet another bread thickened sauce".

I wonder how many people were able to take galentines cooked purley as sauces (as in on their own rather than part of a dish with the meat, because these do exist) and come up with a jelly-type sauce? At least one unique from any other bread-thickened sauce with acid and spice.

One thing I did read... in the book on this site: ""
in reference to the sauce " and galigale the most, because galentijn is named after it" I am guessing Galentijn and Galentine are one in the same, they certainly go by the basics though other translations of other books have "ginger" rather than galigale...
Does it void this, or were they considered interchangeable or is there some bad translation involved?
Also... some do not even have either ginger or galingale :-O argh
Interesting none the less.

Note: It was later determined that is could have been named for being a jelly very early on... 13th cent.-ish or so and gradually evolved into something different but yet keeping it's original name.

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