Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ahhh... (Sauces, so many...)

(Jan. 3rd, 2010)

102 recipes for sauces and still plenty more to chart out... don't even think I'm half done and I'm being picky as to what gets included. Basically, I am attempting to keep it down to sauces that are, or can be (based on multiple reference), made in it's own and that are more than an ingredient... example: I'll do verjuice sauce but not just verjuice unless it resembles a sauce more than just the juice of whatever.

So far, it is interesting to see the changes in preference over time and from country to country
and if these are correct in translation, it looks like Germany has been playing around in the flour/fat (roux) thickener before the 17th century rolled around... it would be nice to see what France was doing around then.
As for Cameline, one could call it a cinnamon based sauce, though not every single variant had cinnamon. I would have guessed it had something to do with the flower (not unheard of to name a sauce after the colour of a flower) but the flower itself is yellow but most sauces could never be yellow.
Jance, thus far, could most easily be described as a Ginger based sauce. Pepper sauces: toasted bread, sometime burnt.
Colour sauces, again, seem to be more about colour than a particular style, just like sauces meant for such n' such or one named to tell it's use/association with a particular dish... galentine seems to come to mind even though it still unclear in some cases.

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