Sunday, February 14, 2010

The dayboard menu... as written (with comentary)

(Originally posted in June 2009)
...I was feeling rather silly on making up a "dayboard" for an SCA camping event and needed a bit of fun as I had many other responsibilities that day.

The dayboard was divided in two.
Many may know, and some may not, that my persona is based during the high trade
years in Antwerp and thus my dayboard was inspired by that.
One board was a repast set out in a venetian trading household (Venice was one
of the large trading countries present in Antwerp) and the menu read as follows:

La Casa di Carnesecchi

Onion Tarts:
A thin butter of pastry filled with seasoned onions, cooked in the
finest oil, and lightly baked.
Fresh Cheese:
strained this week and salted with the finest salt
Perfumed Olives:
Olives imported from the home lands to our northern home and
prepared according to an ancient recipe with thyme, garlic, sesame and walnuts.
Herb Fritters:
We have lots of sage in the garden this year so we decided to
make fritters (also chives and oregano). Only the freshest eggs and the whitest
flour was used.
Mustard Sauce:
Made from the finest mustard and vinegar, sweetened with honey
and applesauce.
Drinks from the Garden: Rose and Violet are among two of our favourites! Simply
prepared from flowers, sugar and water.
Cherries and Apricots were also widely available in the markets.

The other dayboard was from a Dutch Inn, the "Eik en Zwijn", the Oak and Boar
(more correctly translated to "swine"). This board is also German influenced
(another very common trading country with Antwerp).

Eik en Zwijn
Breads from the House:
Our breads are usually of the finest quality flour,
however due to uncontrollable circumstances and ill understandings, our breads
for the rest of the month are of a courser variety (and may contain pea flour).
Loyal guests may still find some fine loaves through in limited supply.
We may trade with the German peoples but this is made in house from
the finest beef, pork, marjoram, sage, pepper and other fine herbs from the
Made from red and green cabbages and salt... (Sadly was not
fermented enough on time for today's lunch)
Newe Moon Fritters:
Apples and cherries dipped in a light flour and egg batter and fried in oil.
We also keep Butter and Apple juice on hand (the drink spiced for health)
We also have a limited supply of cherries as well as imported pickled cowcumbers
from the Bick estate.

Yes, I had too much fun with that... and yes, apart from the pickles (which was a very close approx. to the period item), everything came from translated, period sources. Well except for Sauerkraut (it's just so basic!) The fritters were otherwise known as "puffs" (called "newe moon fritters" for the event)

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