Thursday, February 26, 2015

Life Changes all around

My website is running again at but my life has been BUSY
Just a year and a half ago, we moved, then moved again and now we just recently moved again. Stuff like work must come first though, since you need work to get money and do everything else!

This time around we bought a house again so it's been work work work of another sort as we been updating it with new windows, electric and heating... though presently it's just being heated with two wood stoves in the dead of a very cold Canadian winter (well, feels like -30sC and lower weather anyway). Needless to say, I been preoccupied.

Not too pre-occupied to plan a meal for an upcoming SCA event called Middleground... check out my post in (very soon to be written anyway *grin*). This makes up for my not being able to afford to do our Kingdom A&S this year, which is a bummer as it's in the principality for the first time ever and I just can't go :( But, I shall admit that my main draw to competitions is to support A&S and I feel it will be very well supported there.

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