Friday, December 9, 2011

An English dinner at an Dutch home

During part of the 16th century, in the golden age of Antwerp, many business interactions were taking place in food serving establishments among many cultures. This is what gave me the backdrop for an A&S project I did for the SCA this spring past. What I wishes was to remain, more or less, in persona which would have been someone living in Antwerp while having the opportunity to enter a full English meal (with probably some Dutch influence and general contemporary food knowledge). While the model is far from perfect, I went with it and created my project from that and may create more under the guise of actually knowing what I'm doing (well, doubt my persona would be that well trained) at the Eik en Zwijn as business from various countries come and go.
I'll either be posting my project here, with pictures, or doing it up on my webspace and shall link to that from here.
Given the format I set up for myself, it leaves various cultural options for future projects such as dinners (or other meals) from Spain, Portugal, Germany, various Italian and French cookery at the very least. Oh... and of course the low countries.

While not a pressing project, certainly a fun little thing to fall back on when I get the desire to do something outside of my 50 project which is basically just 50 random meals that could have taken place before 1600 in any of the generally accepted SCA areas. Am only counting in the 20s presently with that one.

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