Sunday, February 14, 2010

my cheese pastry for supper

(Nov. 25th, 2009)

well, part of my supper anyway...

"Take fresh cheese. Strain it with cream and lots of sugar. Fill the bowl completely. If you want to make it green, pound parsley and hyssop and a little thyme with the cheese and strain it together, then it will be green."

I just can't decide on if I wish it plain or not... though this time of year, my herbs would be dry for the most part and modern speaking... expensive (if I were to go fresh which would be the case here), I may just have to go with plain old cheese, cream and sugar.
Cheese curd draining tonight... only to strain it with cream, go figure :P Sounds like it should be rich and not much different from ones I made in the past so will be looking forward to it!! Hope to have the cheese ready to my liking by Friday so it can be baked then. As for the sugar, I am certainly going for sweet but will arrange the sweetness according to taste but will try to remember to log how much to how much cheese though will have to note that each cheese is going to be different and effect that.

Should I make my paste short or not? I will be traveling and would need a suitable container so am thinking the warm fat/water method as it holds up really nice but maybe that is not ideal for a cheese tart...

Note to self: this is not a dish with eggs or butter, though butter can be added as the same book lists it as an option.

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